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How to Prepare for Your Maternity Photography Session: A Checklist from My Canvas Portraits

Maternity portrait of an expectant mother in a flowing white dress and floral crown, symbolizing the bloom of pregnancy.
Capture the essence of maternity with a touch of nature's beauty with My Canvas Portraits.

How to Prepare for Your Maternity Photography Session: A Checklist

The best time to book your maternity photography session is when you're between 28 and 36 weeks pregnant. This is the sweet spot for comfort and a beautifully rounded belly. At My Canvas Portraits, we ensure that you not only capture this special moment but also enjoy the experience. Here’s a step-by-step checklist to help you prepare:

One Month Before Your Maternity Session

  • Secure Your Spot: Choose a photographer from My Canvas Portraits and set a date for your shoot.

Expectant parents in a loving embrace by a creek, with the mother's maternity glow beautifully captured in the natural light.
Celebrate the maternity milestone together with intimate creekside portraits.

  • Envision Your Photos: Communicate with your photographer about your style, location preferences, and the images you hope to capture.

Two Weeks Before Your Maternity Session

  • Finalize Your Wardrobe: Pick out clothing that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Consider coordinating with your partner's outfit for a unified look.

Black and white maternity photography showcasing an expectant mother cradling her bump, exuding elegance and anticipation.
Our black and white portraits reflect the timeless journey of maternity, capturing moments to treasure forever.
  • Schedule Makeup with Us: No need to book elsewhere; enjoy the convenience of professional makeup services provided by My Canvas Portraits on the day of your shoot.

One Week Before Your Maternity Session

  • Confirm Session Details: My Canvas Portraits will touch base with you to confirm your session's time and place.

  • Gather Props: If you want to include any sentimental items in your shoot, set them aside now.

The Day Before Your Maternity Session

  • Pack Your Bag: Don’t forget essentials like a backup outfit, water, and snacks.

  • Rest Well: Aim for a good night’s sleep to look and feel your best.

The Day of Your Maternity Session

Maternity photography session by the water, featuring an expectant mother in a golden gown radiating with the warm glow of sunset.
Golden hour meets the golden era of maternity in this stunning portrait by My Canvas Portraits.

  • Eat a Light Meal: Choose something that will keep you energized but not bloated.

  • Arrive Early: Come to My Canvas Portraits to unwind and have your makeup done.

Remember, our goal at My Canvas Portraits is to help you preserve these fleeting moments in the most beautiful and stress-free way possible. With this checklist in hand, you’re ready to create stunning images that will forever remind you of the excitement and love that anticipates the arrival of your new family member.

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