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Professional Airbrush Makeup Artist 

in Killeen Texas

Professional Makeup Artist nestled in the heart of Killeen, Texas, specializing in airbrush and bridal makeup application and makeup classes online to unlock your true essence of beauty. We pride ourselves on offering more than just a beautiful makeup application for your photoshoot. Show up as your best self every day with makeup education – we provide a transformative journey that celebrates individuality and instills unparalleled confidence.

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Get to Know Your Makeup Artist

As a seasoned makeup artist in Killeen with over a decade of expertise, I recognize that every woman possesses a unique beauty waiting to be unveiled. At My Canvas Portraits studio, we transcend the superficial to reveal your authentic self through personalized beauty makeup application and photoshoot assistance.

My goal is to assist beyond "just makeup" unlocking the true essence of beauty. Situated in the heart of Killeen, Texas, my approach is as diverse as the women we serve. I've mastered in the the artistry of makeup in an inclusive environment where everyone's story is embraced

Our Approach

Whether you're a makeup enthusiast eager to grasp the basics or a seasoned professional seeking to refine your skills, our tailored classes cater to all skill levels and preferences. From in-person sessions for hands-on learning to virtual one-on-one classes, we adapt to your needs and schedule.

Our classes showcase real women of all ages, skin tones, and backgrounds, fostering a rich and relatable learning experience for all. Whether you're in Killeen or beyond, our online makeup classes deliver the expertise of a makeup mentor directly to you.

Airbrushed Beauty & Bridal Makeup Application:

Achieve flawless, long-lasting results with our airbrushed makeup techniques, tailored for your special day or glamorous event. Your expert artist ensures a radiant, camera-ready finish that lasts all day and night.

VIP Day - In-Person Makeup Class:

Experience personalized learning with our intensive one-on-one session covering basic to advanced techniques. Led by seasoned instructor Jessica Blends, you'll leave feeling empowered and confident to create stunning looks effortlessly.

Virtual VIP Day - Online Makeup Class:

Join from anywhere in the world for personalized coaching and hands-on demonstrations through interactive video sessions. Elevate your skills to the next level with our convenient and accessible virtual experience.

Makeup Portfolio Development - Professional Makeup Artistry Critique:

Receive expert guidance on refining and showcasing your talent effectively. Our tailored critique will help you stand out in the competitive world of makeup artistry, elevating your career to new heights.

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