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Moms-To-Be: 10 Reasons to Get Maternity Photos

Updated: Feb 9, 2021


A maternity photo session at Michael Anthony's Portraits is a lot of fun. It's a way to celebrate an important milestone in a mom's life. You'll smile, laugh and get even more excited about the baby's arrival.

The Glow

You might not feel like you're "glowing," but you are. Maternity images perfectly capture a pregnant woman's beauty and that is something you'll enjoy having in a picture for decades to come.

Baby Book

Many people create a baby book for their child of early images and how much they grow in the first year. Maternity photos are the perfect start to a child's baby book.

Honor the Family

Whether this is your first child or many have come before, maternity photos can be done with the family to freeze a special moment in time. Having your partner and kids in the images can create a photo full of love.


There's much anticipation when becoming a parent or, for children, becoming a big brother or sister. Maternity pictures can capture this emotion with props like chalkboards noting "big brother to be," "arriving soon," or how many weeks pregnant you are.


Let your creative juices flow! Pictures of hands in the shape of a heart on your belly are touching. Props like little shoes are an adorable addition to many poses. If you know the baby's name, spell it out in the photo with blocks or chalk. The options are endless.

Share the Love

There are no rules on who needs to be in maternity photos. Some might be just of mom lovingly looking down at her belly. Others might be with her partner, parents, best friends or even the family pet.


Maternity photos are a great way to bond with your partner. If you have little ones you can build on their excitement (or help them with their hesitation) by having a fun family photoshoot together.

No Regrets

Even if you don't feel photo-worthy now, you may look back and regret not doing images once the baby arrives. You're only pregnant for a few months, so be proud of that belly and get those pictures taken.

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I have to get some before my baby comes!


This is freaking amazing!!!!

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